My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Egg Snowflake

Presenting snowflake #2 from my first snowflake design - "Easter Egg Snowflake". I tatted this with Sherry's hand dyed thread Easter Egg in size 20. The other colors are DMC and Flora. The size difference is amazing. The Winter Blend Snowflake fits the inside of the Easter Egg before the points start. I put a picture of the Winter one here so you can see them both close together. I guess I should have scanned them together. DUH!

Now, I can't believe none of you caught my design flaw. Yes I can. The size 80 is so small it isn't as obvious. As I was pressing the new one, I saw to my dismay that the outer ring needs to be rotated. The long points need to be in the center of the wheel spokes below. That's the best way I can describe them. That means I will have to put the long points over the three picots instead of the one picot. I will change the pattern notes as I go. I'm not going to take this one apart. It is still pretty like it is. I'll just change the next one.

Now that I have tatted the second one, I will work on writing up the pattern and get it posted for those of you who have asked for it.


Gina said...

These are really lovely. I can tell you're having fun!
:-) Gina

Marty said...

Hmpf. I wouldn't say "design flaw" I would just say version 1 and version 2. There's no requirement that the points be over the center of the row below. I like it this way. Of course, I'll probably like it just as much the other way!

Carol Lawecki said...

Very pretty Snowflake! I love the colors you used on it too!!