My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Friday, February 29, 2008

Step two of new project

I have finished tatting step two and I'm wondering if I should have left it as it was. Since it is chains and not my precious HDT, it would be no problem to remove it. I have further plans for at least one more round, maybe two. However, I like the way step one showed off the thread. It looks to me like a red scarf is draped around the cross bar. Step two seems to diminish that effect. Maybe I will put a poll on her and let all of you vote before I do any more tatting on it.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Step one of new project

I'm sure there is no doubt what is going to be, but I wanted to share this much with you. I just finished tatting this part and will start embellishing tonight. I've got to draw it on paper before I tat anymore and hope it is right and I don't waste my HDT! This is, of course, Marilee's Rhubarb Crisp thread size 20 that I used for my last doily.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sue Hanson's Block Tatted Heart

Well, I finally got around to tatting this heart that Sue so graciously shared with us. I really like it, though I had some problems keeping up with where I was in relation to the pattern. I also used the regular method of block tatting instead of Jane Eborall's new way even though I like her way better. I was just too lazy to get her instructions and look at them again! I might go back and tat this one again in HDT now that I know how to do it.

I'm almost over the flu, thank goodness! Maybe I'll get to see my grandbaby by the end of the week. I missed his 2nd birthday party on Saturday and his birthday today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"English Country Garden Heart" round robin #1

I can't believe it, but I actually designed this one all by myself! It's not perfect, but I'll get there. I have to thank Martha Ess for inspiration. I tatted one of the hearts in her book "Tat's Amore" last year that this reminds me of, but I promise I wasn't copying or using her flowers, as you can tell! LOL I hope she will be flattered.

Georgia Seitz pointed me to a technique called the Bach versus Beethoven method of designing. You either tat the outline and fill in or tat the inside and then outline it. I did the former.

The outline is size 20 DMC Cebelia white dimpled split rings. Then, I just started making fantasy flowers and stems to fit inside. Viola! The flowers and stems are Flora, DMC and hand dyed thread. When I started working on the dimpled split rings and saw that they weren't all that uniform, I intended to just practice a while and then go back and start over. I guess I got carried away!

I am excited and encouraged that maybe I can learn to design tatting after all!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dame Margo Found!

I wondered where she had gotten off to! I found her in my closet where she had searched out my Degas purse. She is pretending to do her bar work. While I agree that she needs some stretching, we shall have to see if we can find her a child's bar until she gets in better shape. She had been mad with me, (probably why she was hiding), until I pointed out that the other Ballerinas had no tiaras. I didn't know she was so upset about this until my daughter told me last night. I will have to get right on that so she won't run away again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rhubarb Crisp Doily Finished!

I'M FINISHED! I love this doily. It makes me feel happy, warm, cheerful, hungry and nostalgic all at the same time. I hope that covers it. Tatting with hand dyed thread is the absolute ultimate tatting experience and high up on experiences at large. I am definitely framing this doily and probably redecorating!

I will measure how much of Marilee's thread I have left so I'll know how much I used. All of the thread is her's except the solid yellow which is DMC Cebelia size 20.

I still have to do some major blocking. I don't know how I am going to manage straightening out each little picot, but it has to be done. I can't see putting this much effort and love into tatting a piece and not finishing it properly. I'm hoping once it is gently washed it will be more easy to block.

Thanks to all of you who have watched it's progress and been so encouraging and complimentary. Now, join Clyde and I and become Hand Dyed Thread Addicts!

Snowflake Rose #2 for Rainbow Tree comment

I guess I should have said that this rose is a tiny 3" in diameter!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Snowflake Rose #2 for Rainbow Tree

Here is rose #2. I crocheted the center much tighter, but still in DMC 80. The leaves are tatted with Sulky #12 which has a very subtle shading. I think it gives a much more delicate look to the leaves. Thanks to Clyde for suggesting a smaller thread for the leaves.

More to come. Keep watching!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Congratulations Sherry AKA Lady Shuttlemaker! I let Isaac blow kisses over the whole lot of names in the bowl, but I let the birthday boy, DH Bill, draw the winner. I hope you will enjoy the book Sherry.

Thanks to all of you for entering. Maybe I'll have another one to draw for one day. 14 people responded and I wish I had one for each of you. There are never ending ways that tatting rewards our lives!


At long last, here it is. I am so happy with it! If not for Marilee's thread, I would never have made it through tatting this round. I think it looks so much like Christmas candy and Valentine's. I hope it shows up in the picture.

Only one more round to tat and this doily will be finished. I might have to frame it and redecorate my bedroom around it!

Thanks for the lovely Rhubarb Crisp and the solid red and pink to match Marilee.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sneak peak at round 6 of doily

Abstract, I know, but I like it! It is taking me so long to finish this round, I just had to share a little peak. I left the lid open on the scanner for the first one and I think it made a cool picture.

As several of you know, my grandbaby is sick. His left leg started bothering him on Friday and yesterday they made x-rays and put it in a cast to his knee. He has a fractured tibia. We don't know how it happened. The doctor says it is very easy for children to break this bone. He could have done it just turning his foot the wrong way. On top of that, he has croup. The cough sounds awful and he feels awful. I hope he will be better tomorrow.

Thus, the unfinished tatting! Some things are just more important. Not many, but some!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Irish Crochet/Tatted Rose Snowflake #2

I've finished a second rose. And, I actually tatted it from the directions I had written up! All I have left to do is make my corrections and read back through them. Maybe a picture tomorrow. I am also still tatting on my doily and working on leaf designs. They didn't keep me awake last night, but have been running around in my head all day. How do you do it?

Friday, February 08, 2008

Design Bug

It seems with all of the flu and viruses going around, I've been bitten by a bug very familiar to most of you. I avoided it for a long time, but now it might be a terminal case. I COULD NOT GO TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT BECAUSE LEAF DESIGNS WERE FLOATING IN FRONT OF MY CLOSED EYES! This just won't do. I am going to put a notebook and pencil by the bed tonight so I can turn on the light and sketch them out before I forget them. Maybe that way I will be able to go to sleep. I have drawn them this morning and now I just have to find time, and clear enough eyes, to try and turn them into tatting!

I know how I must have gotten it! The virus didn't come over the internet so it could only be from three sources. Marilee, Sherry or Clyde. Bill kept telling me this hand dyed thread was dangerous to my health. I guess he was right! No bother. I'll just have to "work through the pain."

I am also working on my doily and this round is really going to frame the doily well. And, another snowflake rose. This one is even smaller than the pink one. I crocheted the center with a size 14 hook VERY TIGHTLY and the leaves are in size 12 Sulky quilting thread. A bit fiddly, but pretty.

Pictures one day.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Book drawing additional information

Everyone who has responded will be added to the drawing plus anyone between now and the 14th. Just to let you know so you won't think I am cheating should someone not in the comments win, I have had one person who doesn't have a blog send me a direct email to add them to the drawing. I hope no one will object to this. Probably not as we tatters are such an agreeable bunch!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rhubarb Crisp Doily Rounds 1 thru 5

I just finished tatting the 5th row on my doily and wanted to share it with you. I am still very happy with how it is turning out. My eyes are still bothering me pretty bad and I'm having to be real careful. The next row will probably take quite a while as it is a heavy one. I think I have the colors laid out for the these last two rows, but that could change.

I also want to take time out to draw up the design for the rose and leaves.

Good luck to all of you who have signed up for the book drawing.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Book drawing!

I have Teri Dusenbury's book "Tatting Butterflies" for which I have no use. I would be happy to give it to someone else. If you will reply to this post before February 14th, I will have a drawing and send it to the winner. Don't post any personal information. I will contact you for that if you win. I Good luck!