My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Candace's Wedding Hanky

Allright - call me childish. I just can't wait until after the party to show off the hanky. I know my daughter won't be looking at my blog between now and then, (if she ever does.) I have waited so long to post these pictures. Some of you have been with me since the conception of the hanky many months ago and through all of the starts and stops trying to figure out what to do. In the end, I used a pattern from "The DMC Book of Charted Tatting Designs" instead of my own design. I am also finishing up the one I started with Mignonette Tatting that I will keep for me or for a later gift. I just hope she will be pleased and find a way to carry it during the wedding. I also hope my feelings won't get hurt if she doesn't carry it. LOL

This is a old linen hanky, new lace, a borrowed pattern and blue thread, of course. Thus, her something old, new, borrowed and blue all in one! The lace is Flora size 20 and the embroidery is DMC size 80 tatting thread. The embroidery was already there in white. I just went over it to tie it into the blue lace.

Wedding Shower Today!

Today will be the official unveiling of the tatted wedding hanky. I will finally be able to post pictures after this afternoon! It is "done and dusted" as Jane says. Last night I made the decision to lightly fold in a triangle with all of the lace showing. I padded it in several places with tissue paper in hopes that it won't crease. If it does, I'll just have to press again lightly. I have a tube for storing it and will have her bring it back to me to prepare it after the wedding. Thanks for all of the help and advice!

I am also working on the second corner of the orchid mat.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tatted Pyramid Orchid mat progression

This is the first corner of the new checkerboard round. I rather like it! Now, a new realm of possibilities...... Do I continue around making it square again, or put another corner on the other side to balance it out and leave it an abstract? Stay tuned for further progress, or let me know your thoughts. I am sure they are lots of opinions out there and I could use them!

Orchid mat

I finished Harry Potter last night at 8:30 PM so it's back to tatting! I'm working on the next round of the tatted orchid mat using a checkerboard pattern with two greens. Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dancing Lady Orchid - Oncidium

While I am trying to finish my Harry Potter book, I thought I would share pictures of the latest addition to my orchid family. I had been searching for this particular orchid for some time. My brother had one years ago that he has since lost and I really loved it. While we were visiting him and his wife a couple of weeks ago in Florida, I found this one covered in buds with none of them open. They promised me faithfully that it was what I was seeking! I bought it on faith and within two days of returning home, you can see my reward! I wonder if any of you designers can duplicate this beauty for me?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gecko #3 in planning stage

I never would have believed I'd put Harry Potter book #7 aside to tat geckos! DH is in shock. I am so pleased with the first two and want a 3rd with sparkly beads to wear on my shoulder. I'm trying to work it out. I'm glad several people are excited about them and giving Jane's pattern the use and praise it deserves.

Pictures to follow, of course!

I'm am also enjoying The Tatted Ring of Bloggers! I hope more and more of you will join. This will give us another good way to keep up with what everyone else is doing. Thanks again Sherry.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tatted Gecko #2

Well, I've caught the Gecko bug! It is definitely contagious! This one is tatted in DMC Cebelia #10. I have had this thread as long as I can remember and almost gave it away several times. I didn't think I'd ever have a use for it. It's not exactly the right colors for a proper gecko, but I think he looks real sporty! Next tiime I do a two color one, I will switch to two shuttles with the main color after I finish the body. I think I would like that better. Thanks again to Jane and to Pamela.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tatted Gecko #1

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jane! I just love this little fellow! I wish his eyes were smaller, but I like him anyway. I tatted him in Sulky #12 variegated green. I had some hand dyed thread that would have been perfect, but it just wouldn't let the rings slide. I like the sheen of the Sulky anyway. Now I know why Jane tatted so many of these. They are addictive! I can't wait to start another. The pattern can be found by going to Jane's link on this page and then to her pattern pages.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Progress pictures on tatted mat

Well, I told you the Pyramid Orchid mat wasn't finished! I thought it would be finished after this round, but it has other ideas. The orchids just keep multiplying. If only my live ones would be so prolific! The word is - the green might change colors! I posted two pictures as I am always amazed how different the same thing can look positioned in different ways.

I might have to give it a little rest to tat one of Jane's geckos. A new friend just sent me some beautiful hand dyed thread that I think will perfect.

Keep watching!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Tatting on the 4th!

I wish all of my American friends a happy Independence Day and the rest of you a happy tatting day!
I am still working on my tatted mat. I am on in the middle of the 8th square with the color for the 9th square picked out. I thought I had them laid out the way I wanted them for all 16 squares, but that is changing as I tat. This is so unusual for me, wanting to keep going and tatting the same thing over and over! I will post a picture when I finish the 9th square to show my progress.
I am anxiously awaiting the pattern for Jane's gecko!