My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Iris' TIAS Day Three


No confirmation from Iris yet as to whether I have this right. I hope so. Still no idea, but I'm having fun tatting it and am excited to see what it is going to be.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Iris' TIAS Part 2


I hope I still have this right. I think it is so pretty and I'm having fun tatting it. It is nice to be led step by step instead of getting overwhelmed by a large pattern that might discourage me. Thanks Iris!
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Iris' TIAS steps 1 - 12


This is going to be fun! I hope I have it right so far. I had tatted the last clover in the dark color and had to redo that, but no problem. I'm using Flora size 20.

Thank you Iris for doing this for us. I, for one, always enjoy them.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Victorian Hearts



I had intended to finish tatting this little, red heart and post it as a Valentine's wish. Obviously, I didn't make it. Here it is anyway along with a picture of the two I tatted last year. Last year's are both in size 20. The red is size 80 on the ball thread and size 20 on the shuttle thread. I'm not sure if I am happy with it yet. I wanted a little variation in the color, which I got. I also thought the bigger ring in the middle would take up some of the negative space. I think I'm okay with that. I believe I might use the larger ring at the bottom to hold a tassel for a bookmark. This one measure 1 1/4" across and 1 1/2" top to bottom. The others are about 2" both ways.
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Presents from South Korea


Don't you just love it when the letter carrier has a package for you? Sure you do! I received these lovely gifts from Lady Shuttle Maker, aka Sherry Pence. They have been here for a few days, but I wanted to wait and post them when it was almost time for her to be back from vacation.

The eye glass case is very beautiful and elegant. It feels like silk. The beads were in the little yellow case which is just the right size for a shuttle. I love the Jungle Fever hand dyed thread. I have no idea what the interesting postcard says on the front of course. On the back she is thinking me for my contribution to 4 o'clock rock and encouragement in her life. I feel I get much more encouragement than I give.

Thank you dear Sherry. I hope you had a wonderful vacation and a very special Valentine's Day tomorrow!
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Eternal Rose Cross #2


I found this size 10 in orange and it makes a huge difference. Orange happens to be the favorite color of a friend. Guess what she is getting for her birthday?

I really need to order some variegated size 10. I think the roses would be much prettier and real looking.

Thanks again Yarnplayer for the lovely pattern.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Eternal Rose Cross by Yarnplayer


This is a simple,lovely pattern and a joy to tat. Thank you so much Yarnplayer for sharing it with us. I didn't have any pretty size 10 thread. The pink is a size 3 cotton and too big, but I still think it is pretty. The white is size 20 Flora. If I can get some nice size 10 for the roses, I'm thinking these would make great gifts.
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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Looking to the Future

Looking to the future - the future of the arts with which we have been gifted and the tools and fruits thereof. How does that sound?

This is something I have been wanting to talk about for some time. It is not meant to be at all maudlin. In fact, quite the opposite. It is about planning for future generations to take up our arts and see them preserved and perfected as we ourselves have tried to do. Since this is a tatting blog, we all know that closest to my heart is my tatting. I do love to do other things and have tools, supplies and finished pieces to be preserved in those arts as well. When I go to my tatting cabinet and pull out drawers, I can almost see each of my grandmothers with shuttles in hands and lace flying out from their fingers. It pretty much always looked like a blur to me. I have those shuttles. I see crochet hooks and knitting needles making clothing and blankets. I have those hooks and needles. It just so happened that out of nine granchildren on each side, I was the one who was interested in these particluar things. Some of my cousins have other interests and do quite well with them.

All of this to say, someone needs to be appointed as guardians of these things for the future. Most of us, no matter how humble we consider our means, have wills or some form of written instructions as to the disposition of our worldly goods when we no longer need them. Children are interested in assets and personal possessions for the most part. I have tried to cover those things. Those of you with minor children probably have guardianship papers naming who you want to raise your children in your place if necessary. My husband and I both have "Living Wills" and "Durable Power of Attorney, including medical decisions. I have started sharing lots of heirlooms with the grandchildren of my generation that I know will love them most and see that the next recipient knows the value and history of that particular piece. One thing that bothers me is that I have no one interested in learning what I know or taking it any further than it will be when I am gone. I'm sure I can not be alone in this. It could be that our girls and my brother's daughter will one day slow down enough to realize they want to learn, but I'm not looking for that to happen. They are different people and have their own lives and interests. That is not for me to control or make them feel guilty.

What I have been talking to my husband about is naming at least two of my tatting friends to be contacted about taking my tatting things and seeing them divided up where they will do the most good. That could be to help new tatters with supplies like we helped Sherry with her "Four O'Clock Rock" class. Some people might want a special shuttle to keep for their own because my dad made it or Lady Shuttle Maker made it. I don't want someone to uncover a chest of tatting one day that no one remembers to whom it belonged or what it was for. None of us want that. I want to think of my snowflakes hanging on someone's tree for many years to come and recognizing the love that went into them. (Nor would it hurt my feelings if a piece of my lace ended up in a museum.)

I recently heard someone say that all of us want to be remembered. I hope my children and their children will remember me for lots of things, mostly the love that I feel for them. Also I hope I am setting a good example for them to know what it is to lead a life of good morals and sharing what we have with others. After that, I hope someone will one day hold my shuttles in hand and say, "I remember when...."

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Clover Drop Heart in "Hydrangea" HDT


I finally managed to get a little tatting done. Between arthritis and sinusitis, I've not been very productive. This design is by Nancy Tracy of Be-stitched copyright 2005. The thread is Lady Shuttle Maker's hand dyed thread named "Hydrangea." The thread is size 20 and the heart is about 2 1/4" wide. Happy February everyone!
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