My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Monday, December 03, 2007

No Tatting Today!

I just finished knitting Isaac's hat that my daughter wanted for him. It is bright red with a black lower case i on the front. It looks real cute. I used the same pattern that I did for the light blue one, I just made it a lot smaller!

I had lots of Christmas decorations out for him this morning. He is so much more animated and really seems to be enjoying the new things around him. He isn't even afraid of my 5' tall Santa!

I think I am going to tat a snowflake with some of my "Rhubarb Crisp" thread from Yarnplayer if I can measure out just enough for tatting one snowflake and not waste any. I bought it for tatting a doily and want to be sure and have enough.

How do those of you with cats keep them from stealing your tatting? I know you don't all have Christmas trees, but wherever I try to display any tatting, it better be tied down. I put the tree on the breakfast bar to keep the baby out of it and now the cats are knocking the snowflakes off and running with them if I'm not fast enough! I guess they are just showing appreciation for my tatting! LOL


snowy said...

Hey, Laura, where's the photo of Isaac in his new hat?
My kitties love the shuttles the best, or they like to sleep in my tatting bag, but I can't help on the discipline front! Luckily I don't do christmas decorations, or my life would be hell...

Tattycat said...

Hi Snowy. That photo will require assistance - one to hold the hat on him and one to take the picture! However, I took him in the bathroom and put it on him so he could see it this morning and he seemed to like it. Maybe by this afternoon I'll have a picture. As far as I know, my cats haven't bothered with the shuttles. I haven't missed any of them. They just love the lace!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

My kitty is particularly naughty when it comes to stealing my tatting. Sometimes I get upset but mostly I just laugh.

Tattycat said...

He Sherry, I might not get so upset if they would bring it back, but they don't anymore! In any case, the usual culprit always kept things exactly two weeks and then brought them back and laid them in the same spot on my bedroom floor! I guess her timing is off! Two weeks it too long at Christmas time.