My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TIAS through day 5


I've still not a clue what it is, but I think it is so pretty! I need to work with beads more often.
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TattingChic said...

Wow, what could it be? Very pretty, you're right.

Tattycat said...

I guess we'll find out! Thanks.

Kathy said...

Very pretty, can't quite figure out what it could be yet. It will one of those moments where you say, oh yea now I see it. :))

Clyde said...

I'm with you Laura. I don't have a clue as to what the heck it is.

Tattycat said...

Thanks Kathy and Clyde,
I think it will be one of those moments, yes.