My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

I have been tagged by Lady Shuttle Maker to share seven facts about myself.

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged.
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
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1. I have always been the nurse for the whole family. I cared for my maternal grandparents, my aunt, and my parents. Now I am having to learn to defer to my newly graduated R.N. daughter.
2. I am the daughter of a cabinet maker/master craftsman. I often say that I was born with a hammer in one hand and a screw driver in the other, much to my mother's dismay! I still have all of his tools, power tools and workshop. I don't use them as often as I once did due to my headaches.
3. I have never been a girly girl. I have no patience with the games women play and little interest in their conversation. I much prefer the company of men.
4. I am a bundle of contradiction. I love all needlework, cooking and babies, in spite of not being a girly girl. I HATE SHOPPING!
5. I had polio as a child and have always had some mild physical limitations that have grown worse with age. Still, I was never in an iron lung, had no retardation, (I don't think), and feel blessed to still be here.
6. I have been almost dead four times and had one "out of body experience" with the first near death. This has given me a great appreciation for life and a sense of urgency in most things.
7. I hate cleaning and laundry. I love my family with a vengence. I adore my grandson. I collect strays.

I am tagging:

Jane Eborall

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LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Wow, I have never known so many other people who hate shopping like I do. It's oddly comforting.
When I lived in the South for a few years I suffered such intense migraines that I couldn't eat or sleep for three days at a time. When I moved away from the South they went away. To this day I believe there is some kind of organism (mold, or something) that was the cause.
I was hesitant at first to particpate in the Tag game, but it is nice to get to know everyone a little better, so I am glad I did, and I am glad you did too.

Tattycat said...

It is comforting! That is interesting about your migraines. Maybe we should move north instead of south as we are planning in the future.
I don't usually participate in things like this either, but I'm glad I did!

snowy said...

Laura, I have just seen your tag...but I need some time to think of stuff to say!
Yes, it is fun to read, but hard to do!!!!
I'll try tomorrow...

***Jon**** said...

Geez.... I have never given much thoughts about 'me' before, everything is much lika a day at a time. This is going to take some time, :-)

Tattycat said...

Hi Snowy and Jon. You can do it. Just take you time. I would love to hear more from both of you!

Sapna said...

Looks like we have quite a lot in common…. I was always a tom boy I guess I was brought up like a boy since my siblings include two sisters, my parents always felt the need of a son and that they found in me! I too have constant headaches, in fact a change in the weather (even a wee bit more of Sun) can trigger my headache and most of the times I need to take a pain killer which is not good.

This tag plan is really a good idea… I am getting to know a lot about my tatting friends.