My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Set Stitch Tatted Bag


I finally did it! One of my birthday presents was Diana Stevens' book "It's In The Bag." I have been wanting to make one of her designs almost since the advent of my tatting adventure. I tatted it in size 20 Flora thread with size 11 seed beads from Michael's. I haven't lined it yet, as you can see. I will have to find a scrap of the right material and sew it by hand. I've no machine, and don't want one. (They don't like me.)

I know I haven't finished the doily. That I will do before I start anything else. I just had to take a couple of days and work on this bag. It has been an incredibly difficult week in my house. Maybe that's why the bag isn't lined - so I can drop my problems in and they will fly away. That's an idea.

I'll spare you the details of each problem, but the biggest of them was two sick dogs. One is still not well. The other has gone to a better place as of yesterday afternoon at 3:00. She was 17 years old, as is the one remaining, and had a very good life. She was my mother's dog and I promised to take care of her. I have done that to the best of my ability and now maybe she and mother are together eating pizza or chicken.

Some of you love animals as I do and will understand my grief for her yet joy in her freedom from suffering. Enough of that before I start crying again! My little dog Boudreaux is taking some medicine that I hope will have him better soon.

We also have an official addition to our little family. The little kitty we have been feeding outside for about five years, has moved in as of last week. I took her to the vet on Wednesday and had her checked and vaccinated. She had already been spayed. She is a tiny little thing weighing in at just over six pounds. (My other two weigh 10 and 18 pounds.) She holds her own with them, so don't worry. She is street smart and has long, scary claws!

I have been reading blogs and commenting as I can. There is lots of beautiful tatting going on and I think many of you are making great contributions to the advancement of tatting as a recognized art form. Good work! You know who you are!
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TattingChic said...

What a lovely bag. You did such a great job. It's so fun to do something you've always wanted to do. What a sense of accomplishment when you're done, ay?

yarnplayer said...

You did a great job on that pattern from Diana Stevens. I have the same book, and would you believe - several years ago, I tatted the same bag! Mine is red.

My sympathy on the loss of one of your pets. I hope the other one will be well soon.

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Your bag took my breath away! Well done! I've had my eye on this book lately. I've met Diana in person and she is a lovely lady.
My heart goes out to you with the animal troubles. They are so special.

wickedtats said...

You do LOVELY LOVELY tatting Laura.

I hope your furry family gets better soon - our fat beagle is like our litle brother lol. Give the kitties and the puppis a hug for me!

(and now there's tattle!)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Laura, your bag is beautiful! Is this a "must have" book?

I'm sorry to read about your pets. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Sending a big hug your way... Diane

Clyde said...

Your bag looks fantastic and I think it was a good distraction for you this week. You and Bill have and your DH have my sympathy on the passing of your companion as I know the heartache it can cause. Tat when you can it will help with the passing of the grief.

Tattycat said...

Thank you Tattingchic. It was fun! I wore it this morning.
It is fun that we do the same things at different times Yarnplayer! Thank you for your sympaties. My other baby is much better this morning.
Oh, I don't want to take your breath away Lady Shuttle Maker! You need it over there! I'm glad you like it and hope you will get the book one day. I know you love animals as much as I do and it hurts to lose one, but hurts worse to watch them suffer.
Thank you Wickedtats. I love my tatting addiction. Our furry families are special huh?
Yes, Diane. This is a must have book. Thanks for the hug. I need it.
Thank you Clyde. It was a good distraction for me. We appreciate your sympathy and understanding. I am back to finishing the doily now. Maybe it won't be much longer. Those rings are so tricky with the little thread and I was just too stressed out to be careful with them.

***Jon**** said...

It is a beautiful bag. you did a great job.

I am sorry about the loss of one of your furry friends. I hope the ones that are with you now will be able to comfort you.

When my youngest girl was about 8 yo (she's 19 now), she took in a very sickly kitten. She fed it some milk and prepared a basket for it to sleep in. She even slept by the kitten's side the whole night. But the kitten died the next morning and we buried the body in a corner of the garden. It still made her feel sad when reminded of the kitten.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

My condolences on the loss of your furry baby, Laura. Your bag is just great. One day, I will tat this one, just not anyday soon. As far as lining the bag, how about using one of the little organza gift bags that are sold in the bridal section at Michael's? That way you could just slide it in and tack it in place with a couple stitches.

Tattycat said...

I am glad you like the bag Jon. I'm sorry your daughter lost that little kitten. Things like that stay with you. But, it may have helped make her the kind, caring person I know she must be. Ginger had lived a long, happy life and brought joy to lots of people. We will always remember her.
Thank you Steph. She was one of our babies and we miss her.
The organza bag sounds like a great idea. I will get to Michael's as soon as I can and see if one will fit. I appreciate the tip!

Gina said...

Great job with the bag! I think I've only lined one or two that I've made. It doesn't call for a lining but seems to me it's the perfect size for a bit of change and definitely needs one if something small enough to slide through is put in there.

It's wonderful you were able to have your furry friend with you for so many years. It makes it hard to let go in some ways, but what a blessing for so long!


Tattycat said...

Thanks Gina. I'm pleased with it. I believe I will look for the ogranza ones at Michael's. I think I will just do a single string of set stitch for the cord next time too, like yours.
I am very blessed to have had lots of furry friends in my life. I would trade them for anything. Yes, it hurts when they are gone, but I can't imagine not having them to love.