My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Letter Carrier Cometh!

Handy Hands is phenomenal. I have already received my order that I made Wednesday or Thursday. I only got notice that it was shipped yesterday.

I have been wanting these two books for a LONG TIME! I was afraid after reading TattingChic's post that I would end up in the same fix as she is with nothing to tat! I'm not ready to show you pictures of all the things I "don't have", but I will soon. One can never have too many shuttles, so I got two more of these Lacis that I like very much to bring my total up for free shipping and I needed the small crochet hook for my chain around my neck. Yes, needed!

I wish I could order every tatting book available, but we all know that isn't possible. I have to be very careful or we wouldn't be able to live in this house. These books, shuttles and crochet hook are for my birthday next week, so I really haven't seen them yet! LOL


TattingChic said...

Happy BIRTHDAY...a week early! How fun to get your HHTatting stash. I love that store. I ran to the needlework just to get a piecework mag they were holding for me (May's issue has tatting in it) and I walked out with another tatting book, four more shuttles, a back of bobbins and two balls of thread...HELLLOOOOOO! It just never ends. Yes, I want all the tatting books, too. Good thing the internet has so many free patterns it helps quell the NEED to buy tatting books constantly.

I'd love to see all you don't have...LOL!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Yep...Happy Day!!

Clyde said...

I think these things qualify as pre-birthday gifts so you can still buy yourself more tatting things for your birthday present.

Ais said...

Happy Birthday in advance! I just love the shuttles your dad made for you. They are so cute!!

Yes... we all want everything

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

You're a June birthday too? Happy birthday! What a wonderful birthday gift! Have fun tatting with your new supplies!

Tattycat said...

TattingChic, what is this "needlework" of which you speak where you can buy tatting book, shuttles, bobbins and thread? We have nothing like that here. If not for the internet I really wouldn't have anything to do!
Thanks for the birthday wishes Lady Shuttle Maker.
I like that pre-birthday gift idea Clyde. Cool.
Thank you Ais. My dad was special.
I wonder how many more of us have June birthdays Diane? I will have fun!

TattingChic said...

LOL...I left out the word "STORE" after the word "needlework"...ROFLOL!!!!
There is a needlework specialty store in the area. She brought in a tatting selection at my request. I walked in to this store one day requesting tatting thread and the owner about FLIPPED! She asked me which shuttles to order, books to get, threads, etc. etc. Then she even gave me my first pair of bamboo knitting needles and had her knitting teacher teach me to knit(she had an evil plan to get me hooked on her beautiful worked). Everytime I go into that store they make me feel like a celebrity. The owner introduces me to the other customers as "Our tatter". It's kinda fun! I should probably do a post on the place...they're so nice to me there.

Tattycat said...

Too funny TattingChic! That was a great thing for her to do. Maybe you can get lots of other people hooked and teach some classes in the store. There is a knitting shop here with the most luscious yarns for socks and stuff, but I absolutely HAVE to stay out of there! Yes you should do a post about them.

Dantatter said...

Oh you are a very lucky tatter.
And Happy Birthday next week.

TattingChic said...

Oh, yes, the tatting class negotiations have been going on for 4 years,'s always been a conflict with my work schedule and/or health and their conflict. But I would definately love to teach again in a classroom setting!

Tattycat said...

Thanks Dantatter. I think I'll have a birthday week!
I definitely think you need to be teaching TattingChic!

wickedtats said...

Happy birthday! =)

Nice to see your loot! Do let us readers know how the books are!

Tattycat said...

Wickedtats, thanks for the birthday wishes. I will be sure and post about the books. I'm going to finish this doily before I start on them. I've been wanting to make one of those little bags for a long time and the dragons too.