My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

11 month old Isaac's first dental exam!

I had to put the tatting away for a trip to the dentist. It was supposed to be for me to have my teeth cleaned, but as you can see, my grandbaby stole the show. I took him with me so he can get used to being at the dentist and maybe he won't be afraid when it is time for him to go. This is his second trip. Not only was he not afraid, he embraced the whole experience! The whole office was in an uproar, including the dentist. They could not believe he would open his mouth for them to check his teeth, which by the way, are nonexistent at the moment. I wanted her to check his mouth to be sure nothing was wrong. She assured us he is fine and they will be in soon. He sat in my lap and watched the entire cleaning like he was studying to be a dentist. Then, it was his turn. If I didn't have these pictures to prove it, nobody would believe a word of it! Thank God for my Treo phone with a camera.

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