My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pattern for "Candace's Wedding Lace"

Several of you asked for the pattern for this edging and I am so flattered and honored. I hope it is clear and you don't find many mistakes. Please let me know if you do.

© 2006 by Laura Blanton

This is the open “V” version.

R ring
RW reverse work
- or p picot
lp long picot
SS switch shuttles
Ch chain
prev previous
SR split ring
/ tat after this symbol with shuttle #2 working stitches in reverse order
CLR close ring
Sh1 Shuttle 1 (shuttle in right hand)
Sh2 Shuttle 2

R4-4-4-4 Close Ring RW

* With Sh1 Chain 4 Shuttle join to 3rd Picot of previous ring. RW 4-2 Switch S2 Throw off Ring 4-2-2-4 CLR Switch S1 Chain 2-4-RW Switch S2 Chain 4 RW

With S1 R4+to picot of previous chain 4-4-4 CLR do not RW

With S1 SPLR 4+ 3rd picot of previous ring 4/4-4-4 CLR RW

With S2 R4+ previous ring 4lp1lp1lp4-4 CLR do not RW

SPLR 4+ previous ring 4-4/4-4 CLR RW

**R4+ previous 4-4-4 CLR RW

Repeat from * to desired length ending by joining back to 1st picot of 1st ring.

If attaching to material as you tat, do so at the 2nd picot of ring thrown off of chain.

**For closed, cluster version – work R4+previous 4+free picot of opposite ring4-4 CLR RW

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