My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Motif #17 of 25

This is Sue Hanson's Celtic 5 point motif. It is tatted in 6 colors of DMC Cebelia and was sooo much fun! I think I will try it next with red and green beads for Christmas. Yes, I'm getting ambitious!
I'm not going to count this one in the 25 Motif Challenge as it has an obvious mistake! Guess that's okay for the first try. Posted by Picasa


snowy said...

I have spent some time studying these two. They look great, and I am enjoying trying to work out how they are done. I also like searching for the 'mistake' like those 'spot the difference' puzzles!
(I haven't found it yet, funny how they glare at you, but no-one else sees them!)

yarnplayer said...

It took a while to find the mistake. I think if you use it as an ornament or suncatcher, just attach the hanging thread to the point where you missed. Probably people would just comment on how pretty it was, and never notice any mistake!

Tattycat said...

Thank you Snowy and Yarnplayer. I appreciate your comments. I like the idea about attaching a hanging thread to the missing point. I'll try that and see if anyone notices.

Paul said...

Sue's 5 point Celtic Motif was the first Celtic piece I made. I was taking pictures to post and noticed that I had completely missed a ring on the 3rd round. I had made a 6 point that actually had no mistake so I posted that one instead. I found your mistake, but if you had not said anything I would not have noticed. We tend to be our own worst critic! You do beautiful work and I enjoy looking at it.

Happy Tatting,