My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This Is Me

Posted by Picasa This is a picture of me that I was trying to put in my profile. I can't seem to accomplish that, so I guess I will leave it here. This is my press photo for "Senior Living Newspaper" published in Birmingham, Alabama. I have been a contributing writer for several years and have enjoyed it so much. It has been one of my life long dreams to be a published writer and I was so thrilled when my editor offered me a column of my own. I was at work when I got the offer and everyone within two blocks heard me celebrating. The local newspaper and one other publication had blessed me with coverage several times, but nothing formal or continuing. Unfortunately, I am now having severe migraines and had to leave my job. I am also limited in the amount of time I can spend at my home computer as it contributes greatly to my migraines. I have written only one story for the paper in the last year. I am going to try and write a few lines every day and put them together for future stories. The title of my column is "I Remember". I hope those of you who have time to read my thoughts will share some of my memories and enjoy being reminded of "The Good Old Days."

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