My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Help with Dragon Presentation

I need help! I want to display the dragons as closely to the scene in the book as possible. No matter how I display them, I am going to have to sew them onto a piece of fabric before they can be framed. In the book, they are fighting over what they call "The Burning Plains." Thus I imagine it would be earthy tones with tan, brown and red where the fire breakes through the earths crust. I just don't see this working. My brother suggested a black velvet sky with crystals for stars, a mother of pearl moon and some rocks at the bottom of the shadow box to look like crags.

All suggestions will be appreciated. I want the art of the tatted pieces to be the main focus in the presentation. It should look classy and not overdone.

Like I said, I need help!


Madeline's Album said...

You could find a picture on the internet, in a book, or one at a thrift store. Then you could use some type of tape (double sided) to attach the dragons. There probably is some other type of material you could use to attach the dragons with.

sewmuchfun4 said...

I think your brother has some sound advice color-wise on mounting your dragons (I'm not sure about velvet although it wouldn't be shiny like other fabrics can be). I was wondering if instead of mounting the dragons to the back of the shadowbox if you could cover cut pieces of balsa wood and cover them with the same fabric as the back of the box, then mount the dragons on them. They could be suspended from the top with invisible thread or mounted from the side somehow. Just thought it might add dimension. The dragons are really pretty!

Tattycat said...

Thank you Madeline. I will look for those pictures on the internet that we talked about this morning. I have had a very busy day!
Hi Ann. I LOVE your idea about suspending the dragons. I think they would look great and have lots of depth. I'll just have to study on suspending them. I wonder if I used stiffener on them and tried to be careful to wipe it off the beads, would they still be bright looking? Maybe I will tat up a strip with some of the beads and try it on that first. Thanks for the great idea.

Anonymous said...

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