My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Okay, you all win. It's a starfish! I wish I had seen that Sherry. Duh! I will write out how I did it as soon as I can for anyone who wants it. I guess I will do another one since they are so fast and see how much more like a starfish I can make it. The thread is Marilee's Rose and is perfect for this.
Thanks for the ideas. I'll be working on an anemone too.


yarnplayer said...

You are continuing to amaze and delight with your wonderful ideas!
I bet you could come up with a boatload of neat sea-inspired designs.

TattingChic said...

That is the most beautiful starfish I have ever seen. I can't wait to "sea" all the sea creatures you make.

Clyde said...

I love the starfish Laura and the colour just makes it that much more special.

Linda S Davies said...

I am adding my congrats, Laura, really pretty starfish!

Tattycat said...

I'm glad you all like the starfish. I've got to get back to my busy tatting. All of the pollen is wreaking havoc with my sinuses!