My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Friday, February 01, 2013

WHAT HAS HE GIVEN ME? He won’t come home with roses and boxes of chocolates are not his thing. Expensive dinners and movies are as likely as big diamond rings. For years I wondered why I was not honored on important days. Then I saw how our money was growing and decided I would try it his way. With two daughters growing and needing support, we passed up tickets to sit on the court. No football tickets or concerts downtown. More fun to pack a picnic and eat on the ground. There are lots of free concerts in parks and malls. Bach and Beethoven beat games with balls. We don’t run to theaters for opening nights. I haven’t yet seen the last Twilight. The dollar menu was our best friend. You could have a meal out with little money to spend. It’s the company that counts with the one you love. We are blessed to have each other by God above. Why pay more and have less to eat? Food at home is better and steak is a treat. We mistakenly think we are entitled to all things. Young people must own homes before they exchange rings. A new kitchen, new bathroom, the old must go. My parents were in their 40’s before home ownership they would know. What did I receive for Christmas, time with boys and girls. He gave me this gift of two girls with golden curls. One Christmas Eve night after candle light service, he asked me to share his life, to be part of his world. The girls gave us three boys of utter delight. Our lives are so full and all is right. My niece and nephew are more gifts from above. There is also a great-nephew to hug and love. One brother is still a part of my life and his friends are my brothers and for sisters, their wives. Though my parents are gone, I have a mom indeed - a mother-in-law with no malice or greed. No jealousy or resentment, no guilt or coercing. She takes only what we offer and understands when we are working. What has he given me over the years - a house full of joy, though not without tears. He has given me companionship, love, laughter and teasing – some bossing, some nagging, but happiness without ceasing. You see, the best things in life really are free. So what if there is a great big world we’ve yet to see. Not one cruise or long trip have we made, but the table of our life is heavily laden. Our family is well and there is food to eat. We are not rich, but life is so sweet. It is sweet with loved ones and the security of salvation. It is sweet with little debt and the comfort of home. Sometimes we look back and say we have sacrificed much to be where we are, but where we are is a very good place. The best place by far! Laura Blanton Copyright February 1, 2013


Ladytats said...

Very nice, he sounds a lot like my farmguy.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lovely! You have described Bill just as I would expect. No wonder we get along so well. You could have been writing about Dave.

ʈɑʈʈɨɲɠ ɕɦɨɕ said...

That's sweet, Laura! Bill sounds like such a great guy! :)