My Pattern Pages Are Here!

My Pattern Pages Are Here!
copyright 2008 Laura Blanton

Sunday, September 19, 2004


My father, Robert J. Slaughter, shared his marvelous talent with me and helped me get started carving. My first carving was done after the accidental death of my brother, Stephen D. Slaughter, in August of 1987. I just picked up a piece of wood and started carving what I was feeling. This became the catalyst which enabled me to reach a state of acceptance and peace with his death. I named it "Beside the Still Waters." I will post a picture of it when I can.

Meanwhile, I continued to carve and improve my art. I especially love to carve the Madonna and Child and will attach some pictures of a few pieces as soon as I learn how!

I have sold all but three pieces of my work! It is so satisfying to know others value what you do!


Hope said...

I taught myself to carve when I gave birth to my second daughter, that was 21 years ago. I mostly do relief pieces although I have a St Francis that I still need to finish.
My eldest daughter taught me how to weblog and I find it helps me work through stressful times. Seeing my thoughts on paper/the screen, seems to bring me clarification.
May yours be a blessing to you.

Tattycat said...

Dawn - sounds like your carving brings you lots of comfort and pleasure too. My dad and I do mostly relief carving also. My house is full of wood! It has been several years since I did anything as I have been caring for several family members. I hope to get busy with it again soon!

Happy Carving!